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About FAST

FAST Charity employs a team of 17 people, all aiming to help marginalized children, youth and families through educational, vocational and community development projects, in Săcele, Zizin and Tărlungeni.


Since 1998, we have persistently worked for the social integration of people in need, contributing to their personal, vocational and social development. Our work has helped hundreds of children and families to have access to better education, safer homes and equal chances to decent living conditions. Our motto has always been:

“Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for one day...

Teach him how to fish and you will feed him for life.” 

A word from the Founders

"We started FAST in September 1998. Little did we know that the small seeds we planted in those days would grow into the “big trees” of today.  Over the years, we have known both failure and success and we have learned that all circumstances God brings our way, are in fact stepping stones to progress.


Today, FAST has become a seasoned professional organisation, a hope for those in need and a reliable partner to the local and national authorities.

However we didn’t do this alone! Committed support and generous deeds of kindness from friends,  volunteers and supporters all over the world, have inspired us to keep going. Thank you for believing in us, together we have made a difference!"

Daniel and Ema.jpg

Daniel & Ema Hristea
Founders of FAST Charity

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