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War... is such a terrible word, it is impossible to describe it, you can only feel it. The horror that divides your whole life into before and after. After two months of staying under terrible shelling and bombing by Russian invaders in the border town of Okhtyrka, Sumy region, thanks to the petitions of caring people, my son Oleksandr, who has serious disabilities of the musculoskeletal system, and I arrived in Romania in the town of Sechele, to the mini-hotel Ziurel. From the first minutes of our arrival, we were surrounded by attention and such sunny warmth that we were even confused. Not knowing the language at all, we felt sincere care, compassion and love in our hearts. From the first minutes we felt calm and secure. It was exciting to the point of tears when Pastor Otto drove up to our car on an electric wheelchair, which he then gave to Sasha. Having great difficulty walking, Sasha got into the wheelchair for the first time and said: "Thank you, this is my first car in my life." Daniel, Emma and Otto surrounded us with care, made so many devices for Oleksandr's comfort: a shower, a bed with a remote control, etc. They are really incredible people!!! Their smiles and attention gradually warmed us up from the terrible reality of war. We felt at home... They organized many different meetings for us, entertainment for children, various parties, concerts. Danielle has a wonderful singing family who gave us their music and songs. And our frightened hearts gradually warmed up and were filled with their love. Sasha even went to a camp for children and youth from Ukraine. It was an incredible experience. We are eternally grateful to Daniel, Emma, and Otto. Thanks to them, we have found our second home. Katrych Liubov, Okhtyrka


It's hard to describe the feeling of staying at Ziurel. On the one hand, it was the most horrible moment of my life, and on the other hand, Daniel and Emma, the comfort of the hotel room, new acquaintances. All this left a very bright memory in my heart. Incredible people who took on such a difficult challenge to help so many people. Their bright faces, their crystal souls will be with me forever. I will definitely return to ziurel to celebrate Ukraine's victory with Daniel and his family. Thank you for these warm hugs, for this endless support of Ziurel. Mariana, Lviv


I want to write words of sincere gratitude to Daniel and Emma, the owners of the beautiful Ziurel Hotel, located in the picturesque Săcele at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. We, Ukrainians, came here when we fled from the war that Russia started against our beloved Ukraine. Each of us had our own difficult path to the Ziurel Hotel. Daniel and Emma, their entire family, hotel staff and other Romanian citizens made incredible efforts to make our stay in Romania peaceful, comfortable and happy. There were people among us with disabilities, children and adults with special needs. For everyone, they tried and created such conditions that these people felt protected and provided with all they needed. To our words of thanks, Daniel and Emma always answer: "It's not us, God does it through us, with our hands" Thank you, People with a capital letter! Thank you for your hearts filled with love and kindness! Thank you from myself and my family. You are the greatest example of HUMANITY for me. I wish you and Ziurel happiness and prosperity. Sincerely, Iryna Podgaina,  Kyiv


We would like to express our family's gratitude to the owners and staff of the Ziurel Hotel. Fortunately, we were brought together by fate with this wonderful place and people who always cared about us, helped us survive the horrors of war by lending a shoulder. Kind and sincere, Daniel and Emma were always there for us, helping us to solve issues in various areas. The hotel has a charming nature around it and is located in 15 minutes to the center of Brasov (by car). There are shops with various goods nearby. There is a parking lot, a soccer field and a playground on site, so our children always had something to do. Two-story, comfortable rooms that contain everything you need for your stay. Kitchen and living room with all the equipment for cooking. We will remember this place as a refuge, a source of care, attention and mutual respect. We appreciate everything this hotel and its staff have done for us. We hope to see you again Anna Litovchenko, Sumy


Ziurel is a place that becomes not only a shelter but home with opened hearts of its owners. Up to all they have shared their music talents that was supporting and healing Natalia Nikitina, Sumy

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