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How It Works

We started welcoming Ukrainians to our hotel in March 2022

People came to us from different cities and with different life situations, fleeing the war. Many of them had lost their homes and experienced great stress. Some people had physical disabilities and required medical care. We wanted to help everyone through these difficult times.

With the help of our foundation, people received medical care, some of them had complicated surgeries.


We wanted Ukrainians to feel at home in our hotel. That's why we organized catering so that people could cook their own familiar Ukrainian dishes. Over time, we also fell in love with this food.

Our hotel has many children from 0 to 15 years old. We organized a playground for them, a trampoline, cycling, educational games. Other charitable organizations held events and holidays for them. We are happy to see children learning to walk and talk here.

It was important for us that people in these new conditions do not lose themselves, continue to do what they love, have the opportunity to show their talents in the team. After all, their favorite pastime was supposed to help them cope with psychological trauma.